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Morton Strikes Back (Commodore Amiga)

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"Morton Strikes Back" was the full game based on the demo called "Smidge" which appeared on an Amiga Power cover disc. It is a sideways scrolling platform game with lots of jumping, enemies and collectables. It runs at 50fps with parallax scrolling. It was self-published. I subsequently produced an enhanced AGA version which was more colourful and had some levels changed / added.

So ... few ... colours

I wanted to use hardware scrolling (I hadn't done a proper, fast, multi-way scrolling game up to this point), and I also wanted parallax. So I opted to use 8 colours for the foreground, and 4 for the background using the hardware layering the Amiga allowed for. To compensate for this a bit, I used hardware sprites for the player character and the hearts (lives) indicator (which could use extra colours). And some copper banding on the backgrounds helped to cheer them up. Oh, and more copper malarkey for the status display bit. Some levels still looked a bit drab though.

Standard version

Morton Strikes Back

Download as:

Amiga DMS format

Amiga ADF format

Enhance ...

I had an Amiga 1200 at this point, so I wanted to make a more colourful version. Unfortunately, I'd used some trickery which simply wasn't going to work with more colours, so I had to re-write a bunch of the drawing code as well as re-working most of the graphics.

Enhanced AGA version A1200/A4000)

Morton Strikes Back AGA

Download as:

Amiga DMS format

Amiga ADF format

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