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Iron Fisticle

UPDATE 16-09-2014 It's out now on Steam!

Get it here!

UPDATE 25-02-2014 (Wow - it's been 3 months since the last update - sorry!)

Q: So, Iron Fisticle still isn't done yet. Why not?

A: Yeah, we were hoping to have it finished for the end of January, or early February at the latest. But finding development time continues to be a problem. Both Dugan (artist) and myself (Dave, code) are working all day on other things, and evenings aren't always convenient, available, or necessarily even good for getting stuff done (if you're tired). But we're still plugging away.

And we keep on adding MORE THINGS. I know we shouldn't do that, but we're trying to make the game better.

BUT - we are trying to nail down the final things to add. This includes some bosses - which we'd promised ourselves we weren't going to do - but we now feel they're really going to improve the game ('add to the experience').

Q: How hard can it be - isn't it just a Robotron-style game?

A: Well, yes. And no. It's actually now a bit more like Smash TV really! And we've got a bunch of other stuff going on too. Working out how to fit new ideas/improvements into the game also takes time.

Q: So, when will it REALLY be done?

A: We're now hoping to release on PC at some point in March (yes, 2014).

Q: And when it is finally done, how will it be available?

A: Well, initially we're planning on direct download from the website. We're also very much hoping to get on GOG, and will probably then (reluctantly have to) go through the GreenLight process to try and get onto Steam (in which case we'd be adding achievements and online leaderboards).

So, sorry to anyone who is waiting for it to be released. We're working on making it better, and it WILL be done soon. And there WILL be more updates (on website/twitter).

UPDATE 25-11-2013

OK, we've had some delays, due to a few slight re-workings, but hopefully all for the better (for example, weapons can now be upgraded). Most of the game is done now, we just have some more art to get in, audio to sort, and then a load of balancing/playtesting.

BUT ...

We're planning to get as much done this month as possible, to allow December for polish/balancing, and aiming for a release in late January/early February 2014.

If anyone has been patiently waiting for us to get this done (firstly, thanks!, and secondly) sorry for the delays. Making games (even simple ones) takes time, and we only have a very limited amount of time available to work on this. We'd rather delay it a bit (more) and make it better than release something we're less happy with.

(I will try and post updates a bit more here!)

An arcade-style game coming soon for the PC.

Iron Fisticle is an arcade-style arena shooter in the general style of mid 80's arcade games, with delightful pixel art from Tikipod.

We've been inspired by arcade classics such as Robotron, Gauntlet & Bubble Bobble, and as such we'd describe the game as being something of a hybrid of those.

Both Dugan (art) & myself (code) loved old arcade games, but also realise that they were hard. They were designed to separate you from your money. So, our intention with Iron Fisticle was to make things a little bit more forgiving. Not much, but a little.

Audio is being taken care of by Andy Lemon, who excels in retro-styled music & sound effects, to complete the experience.


- Classic arcade-style gameplay

- 1 or 2 players simultaneously

- Well over 100 different pick-ups

- Multiple different weapons to use

- Smooth 60 frames-per-second gameplay

- Retro-styled, hand-drawn pixel graphics

We're working on Iron Fisticle in our spare time, and it's taking a while.



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The Catacombs

We'll keep this site updated with any news.

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Iron Fisticle

Platform: PC (Windows) (+?)

Style: Retro / arcade action

Players: 1 - 2 (local co-op)

Release date: MARCH 2014?