Hobgoblin II (BBC Micro / Acorn Electron)

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My second game was a sequel to Hobgoblin, and in a startlingly original move I called it "Hobgoblin 2". It was actually quite a bit better, with ladders to climb, a Gradius-style weapon selection system, and an end-of-game boss.

No logo

I used some of the screen memory for extra graphics, so it had to lose the huge logo at the top of the screen. Luckily I was able to use a hardware trick to black out the affected area, so it wasn't filled with "garbage" as seen on a number of late-era games on the Electron.

Hobgoblin 2

Download as:

SSD format

Hobgoblin II

Platform: BBC Micro/Acorn Electron

Style: Platform/Arcade

Players: 1